We have Information Technology specialists in :

Operating Systems: WindowsNT, Linux, SGI Irix.
Programming Languages: Java, perl, PHP 4.0, Javascript, C, C++, Visual Basic.
Java Technologies: JSP, servlets, EJB.
Web and Application Servers: Apache, IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic.
Databases: Oracle 8i, mySQL., postgreSQL..



Although LNJ Research Laboratories main focus is antibacterials, we have built up the capacity and expertise to curate biological and chemical literature, including scientific papers and patents. We have an experienced team of life scientists and access to biomedical and chemical literature from most of the esteemed journals.

Our current area of interest is curation of Signal Transduction related literature, specifically GPCR's and kinases.

Using our IT expertise we can deliver these curated databases on numerous platforms, from standalone databases to web enabled databases.We undertake bioinformatics contracts to develop databases, data mining tools, user interface development.



A Laboratory Data and Knowledge Management System helps laboratories in collating analytical data. It not only provides simple ways to enter and store data but also provides powerful querying and reporting tools so you have the information at the click of a button. It is as easy to use as a word processor, and has the power of a relational database. It empowers everybody working in the lab with access to information gathered earlier and thus eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel. 

It has been designed in consultation with lab managers, scientists and technicians and coded by software experts without compromising on advanced features. It has been further polished by another set of labs of different sizes and industries actually using for a couple of months. As one of the lab managers told us "It is a powerful companion for our lab (paper) notebook. But is much more than the Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) available in the market".

Can be used by
It can be is installed in laboratories using the smallest of chemical stockrooms to the largest enterprise environments. It  has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of analytical, QC, Environmental Testing, and other R&D Labs. 

Value Addition
Datamining components can be embedded in it to generate rules from experimental data. As an example, it can be used to learn the optimal parameters for obtaining the maximum yield or purity or solubility for the compound to be synthesized or obtained through fermentation. Prudential systems, Germany are our partners in datamining.

Let's turn that data into knowledge
We would like to offer it as a customized product. The cost would include the fixed price of the product and the database server license. The cost is independent of the number of simultaneous users or the total number of clients. There will be additional charges depending amount of customization and the developers time required to implement the same. It does not require investments in new infrastructure, saving the company assets by putting an end to the endless cycles of software and hardware upgrades.