LNJ is conceived by Mr.Vishal Jajodia with a team of research scientists having long experience in synthesis with a mission of using "Chemistry with a Purpose". This group also has independent publications in International journals and Patents in organic chemistry and its applications. The group has the combined expertise in a wide range of organic chemistry topics and areas of interface with other disciplines and a cumulative span of experience of 140 years of Research and Development. Most of our investigations are centered on the study and use of suitable chemistry for development of particular functional transformations and efficient and feasible processes for development of technology.


The LNJ Team Field Of Specialization
Dr. A. K. V. Unni, PhD
Organic Chemistry
Dr Ashutosh, PhD
Quantum Mechanics
Dr Shefali, PhD
Mr Rakesh Pandey
Quality Control
Dr Anand Swaroop, PhD
Regulatory Affairs
Cross Functional Scientific Team from following streams  
Organic Chemistry
Artificial Intelligence(AI)
Biochemistry Expert Systems
Microbiology Quantum Mechanics
Genetics Chaos Theory